In Cameroonian towns, especially Douala and Yaoundé, people get robbed everyday by some bike riders and taxi drivers, or with their complicity. In this short article, I am going to discuss how to know the bike rider carrying you is likely an armed robber, and how to avoid being robbed.
A driver transporting you suddenly changes itinerary: When a driver is supposed to drive you to a specific place following a specific road and suddenly changes the road, he is most likely planning to rob you. He may just be taking you to place where there are no people, or to a place where his fellow robbers are already waiting for potential preys to rob.

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A Bike rider transporting you suddenly stops, saying he wants to ease himself: Many people have fallen victim to this. When this happens, you should know he may be planning to rob you, by removing and threatening you with a knife once he is down from the bike. To be on the safe side, go down from the bike even before him, and stand at a safe distance until he eases himself and climbs back on the bike.
A bike rider transporting you makes a call: When this happens, he is likely alerting his gang to wait for him at a particular spot, so that both of them can rob you. Similarly, if you are a bike rider transporting a passenger and he makes suspicious calls, you should be careful. He may be going with you to a destination where his gang members are already waiting to rob you of your bike.
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A taxi driver transporting you tells sweet stories: When a taxi driver transporting you tells a lot of sweet stories, you need to watch out and be vigilant. He may just be distracting you while the other passengers in the taxi, his accomplices quickly search your body, remove your wallet, phone etc.
A passenger in the same taxi with you keeps asking you to shift and sit properly: You should be careful. While you shift, the passenger in question may search your body and quickly get away with your purse and phone, without you knowing. When asked to shift, especially more than once, be careful and vigilant about every further move from such a passenger.
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The passenger next to you suddenly interrupts his itinerary and asks the driver to allow them go out of car: When this happens, quickly search yourself, you might have been robbed. And because the mission of the robber has been completed, he wants to quickly drop out of the taxi before you know your items are no longer in your possession.
The taxi driver transporting you suddenly asks you to get out of the car, that he is no longer going that direction: Of course you might have been robbed, and the driver, generally an accomplice to the robbers, wants you out of his taxi as fast as possible.

Anytime you suspect that the driver or passengers in a taxi may be robbers:
– Be vigilant and quickly search yourself to ensure everything is intact.
– Ask to get out of the car you immediately.
– Become aggressive, talk harshly, let the thieves know you are likely aware of their plan.
– Watch every move of the cyclist carrying you, make sure to act first.

To avoid all of these in the first place:
– Avoid boarding taxis and bikes late in the night.
– Younger bike riders are more likely to belong to gangs than older ones. Choose the older ones.
– Taxis with only men onboard are more likely to belong to a gang of robbers. Choose taxis with at least some women onboard.

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