ETS Juryman Translations is a  translation and language service agency with offices in Annandale, USA and Douala, Cameroon.

About the translation team

Our team of translators is made of seasoned translators and proofreaders from all over the planet. These translators have been carefully selected through a substantive scrutiny of their CVs and translation tests. Our translators have a lot of experience from government agencies, embassies, renowned translation agencies and NGOs.

Our aim

We strive to provide translations that render the entire and exact meaning of the original text. We understand that clients want to have the best possible translation within the shortest possible time frame. That is why we try our best to respect deadlines while at the same time providing clean translations void of spelling and meaning errors. We also try as much as possible to keep our prices competitive enough to be able to reach out to the needs of clients with average budgets.