English language teacher needed

English Language teacher needed
Ets Juryman Translations is a fast growing translation and language service provider. Our description is as follows: Registration No. RC/DLA/2018/A/3742, Tax Payer No. P048412727157N, Tel: +237674266941, email address: jurymansonia@yahoo.com, PO Box: 7305, Head office at: Room 103, third floor, Immeuble Beteumen, Elfe, Douala
Currently, we are looking for an English language instructor.
The instructor’s responsibility will be to:
-teach English language to TOEFL, IELTS, and English Language enhancement students
-assess new students to determine their level of mastery of the English language
-carry out weekly assessment of students to appraise their mastery of knowledge dispensed within the week.
-carry out seasonal assessment of students to appraise their mastery of knowledge acquired during the season.
-regularly brief the administrator on student’s progress and other issues related to the teaching activity.
– A bachelor’s degree in English language, English Literature, bilingual letters.
– Three years of experience in teaching of English.
– Most be from one of the two English speaking regions of the republic of Cameroon.
– Ability to teach adults.
– Ability to teach students of various levels at the same time.
– Ability to carry out multiple tasks at the same time.
– Ability to type, edit and print exams papers using Microsoft words.
– Ability to guide students from a distance, using the whatsapp, facebook or any other social media tool.