How should I send my documents for translation?

You can come to our office with photocopies of the documents that you want to translate. You can also scan and send the documents through email to or send them through whatsapp to 674266941.

Will my translation be official or certified?

If you need a certified translation, clearly tell us about this when you are sending your translation job request to us. It is also important to tell us the type of certification you need and the country, embassy, school or institution that requires the certified translation.

Will I receive a hard copy of the translated document?

We deliver scanned copies for certified translations and Word copies for simple translations. This is done though email. If you require hard copies of your certified translations, you can come to our office and collect them, or pay an additional fee for the expedition of the hard copies of the translation to your location.

How long will it take for my translation to be ready?

For certificates, we generally deliver within 48 hours if the number of documents is less than 5. If the number is above, new deadlines will be applied accordingly. If you need a specific deadline for your document, please tell us about this in your translation job request.

How can I pay for my translations?

If you decide to come to our office to give us your documents, you can pay on spot. If you send your documents through whatsapp or email, you can pay through mobile money, orange money, paypal, express union, western union, traditional bank wire etc.

What if I am not satisfied with the translated document?

If you receive your translation and have any concerns, please write to us. We will check the translation in the light of your concerns and resolve the problem for no additional fee.


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