Our aim: Creating self-employed translators, thus curbing down unemployment.

Our specificity
We do not only train translators and interpreters. We help them achieve their own jobs.

People with a mastery of at least two languages, for example English, French and German, Spanish, Portuguese etc.

Duration of our training
1 year for translation alone
2 Years for translation and interpretation
6 months for short courses and accelerated training course on translation and interpretation
Translation alone: 600 000 XAF
Translation and interpretation: 1200 000 XAF

End of course certificate
Diploma in Translation, Interpretation or both
Nature of the training
Classes are dispensed both in class and at a distance, including online studies.

Our premises and head office
For more information, visit our website http://www.jurymantranslator.com or write to us at contact@jurymantranslator.com or call +237674266941. Our premises is at Room 103, 3rd Floor, Immeuble Beteumen, Carrefour Nelson Mandela, Douala.