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Here’s what our intern from the University of Douala thinks about Ets Juryman Translation.
This article focuses on a typical day in Juryman Translations. Ets Juryman translates documents of all kind, whether technical or general, and teaches English as a second language to Francophone learners. It is located at Boulevard Nelson Mandela, Douala. Ets Juryman has a keen interest on client satisfaction.

Ets Juryman works with specialised translators, proofreaders and editors around the globe. It collaborates with many companies and businesses around the world to make sure that its growing clientele achieves the experience it deserves. Work starts at 7.30 am. When translation jobs are received, they are immediately assigned to translation experts. When the translators are done with the job, it is forwarded to a proof-reader and eventually to a final checker. Their role is to ensure that there are no mistranslations, omissions, typos, etc. In almost all cases, the director does a final verification of the translations before delivering them to the clients. Translations are either delivered through email, DHL or directly given to the clients if they wish to come to the office.

Apart from the translation of documents, Ets juryman Translations focuses on language teaching, its carefully selected teachers use their mastery of teaching technics and experience to enable French speakers of our beloved country to quickly improve their mastery of Shakespeare’s language, with a special focus on listening and speaking. Over the past year, our students have mainly been business people, potential travelers, employees, etc. who have understood the great value of the English language for their day-to-day activity.
As a fast growing enterprise, our translation company makes use of energetic and skilled staff for its business growth. The team spirit that characterizes the translation agency makes it a great place to work. To sum it all, the activities in Ets Juryman Translations entail offering our very best to keep clients satisfied.

By Njoya Solange Ndeyap

Student Translator


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