Frequently asked questions about translations

  1. Will my translation be certified or sworn?

In fact, if it is a transcript, a diploma, a birth or marriage certificate, a bank statement or a medical certificate, automatically your translation will be certified. For any other document to be translated, please indicate whether you require a certified or a simple translation.

  • Who will certify my translations?

Translations are certified by the translation company, which affixes its signatures and stamp to the translated documents, in addition to the certification statement.

  • How long will the translation take

For projects of less than 6 pages, we can deliver in less than 48 hours, the deadline increases according to the number of pages. However, if your translation is urgent, we can speed up and deliver faster.

  • Do I have to come to your offices to deliver the text to be translated?

Of course! If you want it. Otherwise, just film or scan the document to be translated and send it to us by email at or by WhatsApp at +237674266941.

  • Do I have to come to your office to pick up my translations?

If you want it, yes! Otherwise we can deliver scanned copies of your official translations by email or WhatsApp. If you pay the extra charge, we can also deliver the translation to your destination.

  • How much will my translation cost?

Each page of official translation costs about 10 000 XAF. Depending on the complexity of the text, the amount may be increased or decreased. 

  • How can I pay for my translation?

For your order to be accepted, you must pay at least half of the amount of your translation in advance. Payments are made by mobile money, orange money, paypal, money gram, western union, Yup or cash. For all other means of payment please contact the direction by calling +237 674266941, available on WhatsApp.

8. Will the translation be notarized? For any officialization other than certification, please let us know at the time of your order

9. Will my translations be accepted by embassies?

Once certified, the translations can be used in most embassies, including embassies of the United States, Great Britain, Canada, Belgium etc. However, it is recommended that you tell us exactly what type of translation is required by the embassy you wish to visit.

10. Will certified translations be accepted by universities abroad?

The answer is yes, in almost all cases.

It should be noted that we provide certified online delivered translations for Niger, Nigeria, Central African Republic, Gabon, Benin, Congo Kinshassa, Congo Brazzaville etc. We provide on the sport delivery for the towns of Douala and Yaoundé in the Republic of Cameroon.

This page was translated From French

 into English by Grace Doualla, our translation intern from the Douala University.

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